[![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/insomniacslk/dublin-traceroute.svg?branch=master)](https://travis-ci.org/insomniacslk/dublin-traceroute) [![Coverity Scan Build Status](https://scan.coverity.com/projects/7935/badge.svg)](https://scan.coverity.com/projects/insomniacslk-dublin-traceroute) [![Version](https://img.shields.io/pypi/v/dublintraceroute.svg)](https://pypi.python.org/pypi/dublintraceroute) ![Debian Unstable](https://badges.debian.net/badges/debian/unstable/dublin-traceroute/version.svg) * Implement UDP-DNS probes * Implement TCP-80/443 * sniff traffic and react to failing probes * ~~Support IPv6~~ (currently only in the Go implementation) * implement ICMP-paris * testing! * ~~add min-ttl option~~ done in [commit 6b6be67](https://github.com/insomniacslk/dublin-traceroute/commit/6b6be67df1ea17c7de20b8ee1e4fab664ee177eb) * Implement merge of ICMP-paris, UDP-paris and TCP-paris probes * Implement Bellovin's technique using response's IP ID. [paper](https://www.cs.columbia.edu/~smb/papers/fnat.pdf) and [slides](https://www.cs.columbia.edu/~smb/talks/findnat.pdf) * use RocketFuel's technique to identify different network interfaces on a router using IP ID * ~~support MPLS, https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4950~~, done in https://github.com/insomniacslk/dublin-traceroute/issues/6 * MPLS reconnaisance techniques, http://www.montefiore.ulg.ac.be/~bdonnet/mpls/ * break on destination unreachable * improve documentation * put everything under a namespace * ~~implement command line parser in main.cc~~ done in [commit 8a3ae75](https://github.com/insomniacslk/dublin-traceroute/commit/8a3ae7513645afdad5eabd8d6f368383dff98c8b) * Add an uninstall target in the Makefile for the python extension * Fix the memory leak where TracerouteResults is not freed * IP_ID_MATCHING must become a constructor parameter * SNIFFER_TIMEOUT must become a constructor parameter * Handle open UDP dst port responses * Explore the use of eBPF as a backend * Send 3 packets per hop * Convert the traceroute internal representation into a graph (use https://graph-tool.skewed.de/ maybe?) * ~~Use both src and dst ports for tracerouting~~ * Add path MTU discovery and measure fragmentation-induced latency * Use [pyasn](https://github.com/hadiasghari/pyasn) to look up AS by IP * Integrate the ASN graph with a world map (e.g. openstreetmap or google maps) * Add --webserver to the python CLI to expose a SimpleHTTPServer that serves a PNG with the traceroute diagram * heat map/flame graph of the network latencies over time (links history) * ~~improve the build system (there is just a static Makefile now)~~ done in [commit ffa9d3c](https://github.com/insomniacslk/dublin-traceroute/commit/ffa9d3c306fb772e2c95963a94cdc386b0126206), using CMake Fork me on GitHub
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